Move - Arrow keys or WASD
Interact/Push - Z or J
Click inside the game window to play


Chaos Lab tries to capture the feeling at a new job when your employer expects you to know everything straight away.


This is a one level puzzle game that you will no doubt have to reset a few times before you beat.


In Chaos Lab you are a technician that handles materials such as radioactive waste, acid and flammable liquid by pushing them around. However, there is no supervisor around to help you. At the end of the day, all that matters is your ability to organize the lab. Good luck!

This was quite fun to make, the 1-bit art is so quick to produce and although I had some big ideas for stuff like conveyors, spillages, explosions and doors with buttons, I didn't think it was in keeping with the Low Effort jam. It was also the first time I've made music in OpenMPT! If you'd like to see more, please leave me a comment below!
Thank you for playing!


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A lil too tedious for my liking, but good work in time frame!

That's fine, thank you for playing!

Very cool game!
I had to restart several times but I made it

Well done! I hope it was somewhat fun haha


Its Awesome!!! And in such a short amount of time.

Thank you! Yeah, 1-bit art is quick to make and the pushing mechanic is already in GB Studio so I just had to make the puzzle bit really

No matter how much I click in the window, nothing happens.

Press Z or J to skip the text, sorry, I hope it works!