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Please note: the browser version is the demo. 

Take It Racing 2 is a pseudo racing game built around stats. Buy better cars to race harder races to earn more money. Each race is split into sections, you must decide how to race to shave off precious time and win the upper hand. But keep an eye on your fuel and temperature gauges or you might be left eating dust!

Take It Racing 2 here! You can enjoy it on your Game Boy, Analogue Pocket on in an emulator! With 5 team leaders holding 30 new cars to unlock, race your way up the classes and collect them all!

Don't forget to download and read the helpful Starter Guide!

Take It Racing 2 is built in GB Studio for the original Game Boy but is also playable on Game Boy compatible hardware including emulators.

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Browser Controls

(Click inside the game screen to give it priority)

ActionKeyAlternate Key
Game Boy
'Press Start'
Move Cursor
Directional Arrows
W, A, S, D keys
Interact, Click, Skip Text
Z key
Alt, J key
CancelX Key
Ctrl, K key
Save your progress by using the save icon on the Main Menu.

Starting with the team leader Rob Trader, you begin your racing career in Class D. Wining races earns you money to buy new cars and enter harder races.

Classes beyond Class D are only available in the full game.

Included are the (.gb ) and (.pocket) files. A (.gb) file can be flashed to a reflashable Game Boy cartridge with a reflasher, or put onto an SD card to play via an EZ-Flash Jr cartridge for example. The (.gb) file can also be used in free desktop emulators such as BGB (https://bgb.bircd.org). The (.pocket) file can be loaded onto your Analogue Pocket and enjoyed there!

Sole Game Developer - Robert Doman @robertldoman
Race Music - Scott Semanski @ScottSemanski
Engine - Chris Maltby, GB Studio @maltby
Special thank you all my patrons on Patreon and my subscribers on YouTube!

The first Take It Racing was made over one week for GB Jam 8 and the Unexpected Jam. Take it Racing 2 has been in my mind ever since. It took two months to complete the first version of the Demo. Since then the game has changed a lot! I have now been working on Take It Racing 2 for two years.

Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(12 total ratings)
AuthorRobert Doman
GenreRacing, Simulation, Strategy
Made withGB Studio, GIMP
Tags2D, 8-Bit, Game Boy, Homebrew, Management, Pixel Art, Retro, Turn-based
Average sessionA few minutes


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