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ActionGame BoyBrowser
Start game / open mapStartEnter
Open inventorySelectShift
Interact / acceptAAlt, Z, J
BackBCtrl, K, X
MovementDirectional padArrow keys, WASD

The Bicycle and the Rosebed is a cute adventure game about being a University student between semesters. Exploring the town and helping the townsfolk is the only aim of the game. Don't forget where you left your bike, because it will help you get around faster!

Made in GB Studio, this game will be playable on Game Boy devices. Depending on your feedback and my plans, this game may become a lot larger than this small development build.

Thank you so much for your time, if you would like to know more about the development of this game I will be uploading videos about it to my YouTube channel

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorRobert Doman
Made withGB Studio, Tiled, GIMP
Tags2D, 8-Bit, Cute, Game Boy, Homebrew, Open World, Pixel Art, Retro, Singleplayer, Top-Down
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Smartphone


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Checking in on the prospect of a GB Rom. How is that going?

Thank you for the interest! I've stepped away from this project for now, so it isn't at the top of my list. So please don't hold your breath! My plan is to take this theme, feeling and genre and revive it in a different full game.

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First of all, I love the adventure genre and the whole idea of the game. After playing today, in 2024, I will point out some things that I believe can create more interests and make a game really different from other walking/talking games:

Changes - Just like in The Year After, it would be very interesting to see direct results in the city or university according to the conclusions of the missions, making the university completely different after the break, thanks to the character's actions. I saw this in the garden and with the aquarium in the room, I found it very interesting. I believe this could change the reaction of some actors too? Who knows!

Interactions - Create more interactive objectives in the game, perhaps marking them lightly to make finding them easier, increasing the characters' lore.

Point out a few things to improve game play:

1 - Increase speed on the correct route.

2 - In the menu, give the option to play the mini games. Create a score with actors from the game, perhaps? (example, the teacher who wanted the aquarium could appear there!)

3 - Improve the character's exit from the bike, allowing her to cross the bike without problems when getting off

Now something for you, developer:

Provide a paid version in development that would allow updates to the game at no additional cost. I don't know if it's possible on the platform.

Thank you very much for all your work on your channel, you have been a great inspiration.

Best of luck with the rest of the game's development, I'll be waiting and will definitely purchase it.

Thank you so much for the feedback! I really appreciate the in-depth thinking you've put forward here. I agree with you totally, however, I have shelved this game for now, I am considering brining the concept back in a different game in the future. I would definitely take these points into account if I do continue the development of this game or create a similar experience. 

Thank you again for the kind words!



I really love your game, it's one of my favorites (graphics, story, gameplay, etc.)

I especially love the fact that it takes place in a realistic world (no fantasy, no horror, etc.)

... a real “feel good” game  

Thank you!


any update on the GB rom? heavily interested in playing this and adding it to my rom collection!!

Sorry, not at the moment! I appreciate your interest though, I plan to get back to this game sometime next year!


Hi! I didn't get to play for super long but I'm a 3D artist who focuses a lot on characters. I just wanted to say I loved riding around on the bike! I really wanted to learn more about the world and what makes it interesting so my only comment being able to interact more and get a deeper understanding of the characters and how they relate to each other, even if they are just a side character or you only talk to them once throughout the game. Great job though! I really love the bike lanes lol


Hi, thank you for playing! I'm really glad you liked it. Being able to get a deeper understanding of the world through the characters is a great idea. I will want to go back to this game one day and that should be my main focus for sure!

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Really cute. I loved it.

My main points would be to have a way to stop easily the music, maybe having different speed on bike depending of the type of roads (maybe faster on the bike lane ?) having more use for the bike than just going faster and having a way to park the bike at the entrance of a building when trying to enter would be nice. Having to get back getting out of the bike and going back to the door can be a bit irritating at times.
Hope this help, again thank you for your work (games and videos), it's inspiring.

Thank you for taking the time to give me some feedback, I really appreciate it!


Cute, I look forward to the game being expanded. Very well done.

Thank you so much!!

Is this demo just for browser play or I am just not seeing the gb file to donload?


The demo is just for browser right now. I will make the next version a gb file!


Please. We want to play uwu


The idea of jumping on a bike and going to different places is brilliant, very clever! I've made an awful lot of GB Studio games, but actually the point of all of them was not to be a walking and talking game, there are already a lot of them. However, with the mini-games you can throw one of these up, this is also proof of that. We need more of these. :) Congratulations.

Thank you! I agree there are a lot of walking and talking games, but I think it's because GB Studio does it so well! It's nice not to be fighting against the engine like I have in other games. The small mini-game is a fun bonus to vary the gameplay (and development)
Thank you for taking the time to test it out!

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The penguin min-game would be an interesting starting point for a stand-alone game, and/or as a Pico-8 game!

I agree, I will probably put it up on itch as it's own thing. Thank you for playing!


Filled in the feedback form. Great foundation you've built here; the world itself is really well constructed, it just needs more to interact with and do whilst you explore it.


I really appreciate you taking the time to fill it in, I definitely think that will improve it! As the creator, I know exactly what there is to find and do, so getting another perspective is invaluable. Thank you so much!